One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.

— Ken Thompson


Wiki profile
Mainly articles, most of which are also mirrored here. Not regularly updated.
Patches and code reviews
FreeBSD’s code review platform.
Ports I maintain.
From talks and presentations.
Audio Stack Improvements
Ongoing project to improve the FreeBSD audio stack.
DTrace: Instruction-level dynamic tracing
Developed a new DTrace provider called “kinst” which enables tracing of arbitrary instructions and inline functions in the kernel. Available since FreeBSD 14.0. Also held a talk on it during EuroBSDCon 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal [slides, video] and AsiaBSDCon 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan [paper, slides]
Sound mixer improvements
An OSS mixer library implementation, a complete rewrite of mixer(8) and sound(4) update. The project was partially developed during Google Summer of Code 2021 and was committed to FreeBSD 14.0.

Own projects

My toy OS. Currently does nothing other than boot.
Temperature and humidity measurement using the Microchip PIC16F877A microcontroller and the BME280 sensor.
Minimal and daemonless notification program for X.
Yes, another CHIP-8 emulator.
Lightweight string library for C. Kind of inspired by C++’s STL (stop laughing) string library.
Curses 2D graph generator. Plots single variable functions and their derivatives.

More on Sourcehut, GitHub and my Git server.


I mainly play guitar and a few other stringed instruments.

Below is a list of (published) projects I’ve worked on:

My dead band. It started as a solo project in 2016 when I bought my first sound card and proper studio headphones, so that I could record music that didn’t sound like it was recorded with a Fisher-Price cassette recorder. The songs were all written and recorded before the band was formed, so we didn’t get the chance to write new songs as a band, except for one or two drafts. Compared to my other musical projects, this one has been quite “successful”, but nowadays I’m not really interested in working on it.
A Slovak friend of mine’s collective project I took part in. Here is a previous project of his.
Socrates Slit His Throat
A neighbor’s project I wrote parts and produced songs for. He now has a new post-rock project going on.


World History Daily
A history page I created a few years ago.

Why study history? What’s the point? It’s boring!