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2022.06.18 Social media is ruining our lives
2022.04.01 Political labels considered harmful
2022.03.22 The Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect


2022.05.27 RSS: Advantages and usage
2022.05.18 Process queuing using lock files
2022.03.25 Why reinvent the wheel
2022.01.16 Email-driven Git workflow
2022.01.01 C coding style
2021.01.19 Use cases for goto


2021.12.31 Wildfire diary: August 2021


2022.04.07 Learning languages effectively


2021.11.17 Why many guitar solos suck


2022.04.02 nfy(1): a daemonless notification program
2022.02.25 Improvements on FreeBSD's sound mixer
2022.02.14 Thermometer using PIC16F877A and BME280


2022.05.21 Share ZFS datasets with NFS
2022.04.30 FreeBSD VNET Jails
2022.01.23 PIC microcontroller development on FreeBSD
2021.11.23 9front using bhyve(8) on FreeBSD
2021.02.10 OpenBSD Git server setup
2021.02.09 OpenBSD Web server setup
2020.10.28 Arduino on FreeBSD

Plan 9

2022.03.13 Git on 9front
2022.03.07 9front CPU server setup
2022.03.06 Acme editor notes


2022.04.01 How to make Greek Frappé
2022.01.12 How to jump start your car
2021.11.05 Git Web frontend with stagit(1)
2020.11.22 Sync files with rsync(1)
2020.09.02 Simple Brainfuck interpreter in C