PostgreSQL 15 and pgAdmin4 on FreeBSD

A brief and simple tutorial on setting up PostgreSQL on FreeBSD, as well as a nice web interface for it


Inline function tracing with the kinst DTrace provider

kinst is a new low-level DTrace provider co-authored by Christos Margiolis and Mark Johnston for the FreeBSD operating system, which allows the user to trace arbitrary instructions in both regular and inline kernel functions. This article gives a brief overview of the way kinst is able to trace inline functions.


Using DWARF to find call sites of inline functions

Calculating inline function boundaries using the DWARF Debugging Standard, as well as a program I wrote to automate this task.


Rolf Dobelli: Avoid the News

This article is the antidote to news. It is long, and you probably won’t be able to skim it. Thanks to heavy news consumption, many people have lost the reading habit and struggle to absorb more than four pages straight. This article will show you how to get out of this trap — if you are not already too deeply in it.


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