Share ZFS datasets with NFS

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Thanks to Mark Johnston <> for recommending this configuration. The article is also mirrored on the FreeBSD Wiki.


Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf:


For some reason the NFS server needs to be restarted the first time after boot. A simple way to do this automatically is:

# echo "service nfsd restart" >> /etc/rc.local

Set the sharenfs property to the dataset you want to share. Replace the IPs and pool/dataset* with your desired values. ZFS properties are documented in zfsprops(8).

We’re going to share 2 datasets, one with read-write and one with read-only access:

# chmod -R 777 /pool/dataset_rw
# zfs set sharenfs='-network=,-alldirs' pool/dataset_rw
# zfs set sharenfs='ro=,-alldirs' pool/dataset_ro

Start the NFS server:

# service nfsd start
# service mountd reload


Acquire the host’s IP address using ifconfig(8) on it first. We’ll assume it’s

Mount the filesystems. /pool/dataset* corresponds to the actual mount point of the dataset in the host:

# mkdir -p /mnt/dataset_rw /mnt/dataset_ro
# mount -t nfs -o rw /mnt/dataset_rw
# mount -t nfs -o ro /mnt/dataset_ro

When done, unmount:

# umount /mnt/dataset_rw /mnt/dataset_ro

In case you want the filesystems to be mounted on boot, add the following lines to /etc/fstab:   /mnt/dataset_rw	nfs     rw      0       0   /mnt/dataset_ro	nfs     ro      0       0

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