Your last chance to get out of this cesspool of the internet.


cat -v“Random contrarian insurgent organization”.
The Unix Heritage Society — Great archive of UNIX history and code.
SDF Public Access UNIX System
The FreeBSD Project
The OpenBSD Project
The Cheapskate’s Guide to Computers and the Internet
Dennis M. Ritchie
Brian Kernighan
M. Douglas McIlroy
Rob Pike — Known for Plan 9, UTF-8 and Go.
Russ Cox — Go and Plan 9 engineer.
Drew DeVault’s blog — Sourcehut founder.
Programming in the 21st Century
Roman Zolotarev — OpenBSD guides.
Eli Bendersky
Fabien Sanglard — Computer graphics.
A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011: Index
Brian Raiter’s Resources — Cryptography, Reverse Engineering.
Troff Resources
Squoze — Mostly old UNIX man pages and docs.
Spyware Watchdog
Buffer Overflows in C
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Julius Orion Smith III {Index, Publications} — Audio signal processing.
CMU’s Introduction to Computer Music
Jonathan Blow: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization — Great speech.

Plan 9

Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Plan 9 Foundation
International Plan 9 Workshop
Plan 9 - The Documents
9front“9front is an operating system for ladies and gentlemen.”
9P Specification
Plan 9 Desktop Guide
UNIX to Plan 9 command translation
C Programming in Plan 9
Rc - A Shell for Plan 9 and UNIX Systems
Plan 9 from User Space — Plan 9 utilities ported to UNIX-like operating systems.
Cinap Lenrek
Stanley Lieber

x86 Assembly

Guide to x86 Assembly - Yale University
Guide to x86 Assembly - Virginia University
x86 Assembly - Shichao’s Notes
x86 and amd64 Instruction Reference
x86 Instructions
int 80h — x86 Assembly programming on UNIX.
FreeBSD x86 Programming
Intel® Intrinsics Guide
x86 Assembly - Wikibooks


Grant Searle — Electronics guru.
Ben Eater — Computers from scratch.
Science Hobbyist — Terrible 90s design but interesting pages.
From transistors to gates!


Aurora Fire Rescue Training Branch
Fire Science: Back to Basics
Matt Davis — Fire science.
Hellenic Volunteer Firefighters Association
Fire Rescue Pedia — Firefighting, rescue and safety articles in Greek.


The History of Rome {Index}
The History of Byzantium {Index}
Revolutions Podcast {Index}
Cambridge Medieval History: Feudalism
Secular Byzantine Music
drakegoodman — Rare and high quality photos from Germany in World War I.
Folk Texts
Corporate origins of the United States


The Latin Library
Greek Linguistic PDFs
Language PDFs


Spyro’s Calling — A friend from university.
Eilivev — Norwegian friend.
Slem høgnorsk mat — Eiliv’s recipe website.
Recetat e Lisës — Albanian cuisine. I cannot read Albanian.
Stefanos Strauss — “Under construction”.


LindyPress — On-demand reprinting of out-of-print classical and medieval books.
JLPCB — PCB Manufacturer.
PedalPCB — PCBs for guitar pedal effects.


Project Gutenberg
Usenet Archives
Fourmilab — Founder of Autodesk Inc.
Eric S. Raymond
Matt Fuller
John DuBois — Electronics, pyrotechnics.
Ray Thomas
Dan Luu
Parimal Satyal
On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
Tino Kluge: Fractals
Based Cooking — Git-driven recipe website.
Computer Stupidities
Things People Said
Ukraine Observatory — Brief day-by-day reports from the Russo-Ukrainian war. - Catalogue of all reptilian and amphibian species found in Greece. — Plain text weather.
Text-Based Google Directions
Hyperlinked Text — Links to more simple websites.
Wiby — Search engine for the Classic Web.