Old book collection

The books below have been purchased in Austria, Croatia and Greece. They are sorted from oldest to newest and only those that are dated before the 1970s are listed here.

This is a work in progress. My full library is listed here.

Frederik Marryat — Snarleyyow, der Höllenhund (1857)

A German translation of the British book "Snarleyyow, or the Dog Fiend".

Edward Bellamy — Rückblick aus dem Jahre 2000 (1890)

A German translation of the American book "Looking Backward: 2000-1887". A utopian novel about the 21st century.

Davorin Trstenjak — Životinje: Ptice (1893)

"Animals: Birds". A Croatian handbook about birds.

Gustav Šamšalović — Njemačko-Hrvatski Priručnirječnik (1916)

A Croatian-German dictionary for Croatian soldiers during World War 1.

I got this one for free at a flea market in Zagreb because the lady selling it found it interesting that I was speaking to her in whatever Croatian I could learn in a few months.

Erwin Kofen — Der große Krieg: Ein Anekdotenbuch (1920s)

"The Great War: An anecdote book".

Luis Trenker — Kampf in den Bergen (1931)

"Fight in the mountains". A book on the Italian Front during World War 1. It includes very high quality images.

Αθανάσιος Χ. Μπούτουρας — Προλήψεις του ελληνικού λαού (1931)

"Greek superstitions".

Franz Graf Zedtwitz — Im Banne der Pole (1938)

A book on Polar expeditions.

Labud Kirić — A i H Bomba (1956)

A book on atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Niccolò Machiavelli — The Prince (1961)

Greek translation.

Erich Maria Remarque — All Quiet on the Western Front (1963)

Greek translation. Western Front".

Ο. ΜΠ. Σπάρο — Η ελληνική επανάσταση και η Ρωσία (1965)

"Greek Revolution and Russia" Soviet edition translated to Greek.

Ivan Šibl — Iz ilegalnog Zagreba 1941 (1965)

"From illegal Zagreb 1941". Stories from Nazi-occupied Zagreb during World War 2.

Josip Badalić — Prašina s Puta (1966)

I have no idea what the title means.