Your last chance to get out of this cesspool of the internet.


The Unix Heritage Society - A great archive of UNIX history and code.
SDF Public Access UNIX System
The FreeBSD Project
The OpenBSD Project
Plan 9 Foundation
9front - "9front is an operating system for ladies and gentlemen."
int 80h - Assembly programming on UNIX.
Dennis M. Ritchie - You should already know who he was.
Brian Kernighan - UNIX contributor.
M. Douglas McIlroy - Lesser known but very important programmer.
Rob Pike - Known for Plan 9, UTF-8 and the Go.
Russ Cox - Go and Plan 9 engineer.
Roman Zolotarev - Helpful guy for all things OpenBSD.
PHK's Bikeshed - FreeBSD hacker.
Matt Fuller - Fun guy.
Brian Raiter's Resources - ELF, Reverse Engineering, etc...
Squoze - Mostly old UNIX man pages and documentation.
The Lex & Yacc Page


Basic Electronics Tutorial
Grant Searle - Electronics guru.
Ben Eater - Guy who builds computers from scratch.
From transistors to gates!
PedalPCB - Printed circuit boards for guitar pedal effects.


Julius Orion Smith III (Index) (Publications) - Publications on audio signal processing.
CMU's Introduction to Computer Music


The History of Rome (Index)
The History of Byzantium (Index)
Revolutions Podcast (Index)
Secular Byzantine Music
drakegoodman - Rare and high quality photos from Germany in World War I.
Folk Texts


The Latin Library
Greek Linguistic PDFs
Language PDFs
The Mezzofanti Guild - Language learning blog.


Hellenic Volunteer Firefighters Association
Fire Rescue Pedia - Firefighting, rescue and safety articles in Greek.
Forest Fire Volunteers of Attica


Spyro's Calling - A friend from university.
Eilivev - Norwegian friend of mine.
Slem høgnorsk mat - Same guy as above, but this time he publishes simple recipes.
Recetat e Lisës - An Albanian cuisine site. I cannot read Albanian.


Project Gutenberg
cat -v - "Random contrarian insurgent organization".
Ray Thomas
Tino Kluge - Fractals
LindyPress - On-demand reprinting of out-of-print classical and medieval books.
Based Cooking - Git-driven recipe website.
Ottaviana's Kitchen
Computer Stupidities
Things People Said
Wiby - Search engine for the Classic Web.