Your last chance to get out of this cesspool of the internet.


cat -v"Random contrarian insurgent organization".
The Unix Heritage Society — Great archive of UNIX history and code.
SDF Public Access UNIX System
The FreeBSD Project
The OpenBSD Project
The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet
Dennis M. Ritchie — You should already know who he was.
Brian Kernighan
M. Douglas McIlroy
Rob Pike — Known for Plan 9, UTF-8 and Go.
Russ Cox — Go and Plan 9 engineer.
Drew DeVault's blog — Sourcehut founder.
Programming in the 21st Century
Roman Zolotarev — OpenBSD guides.
Eli Bendersky
Fabien Sanglard — Computer graphics.
A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011: Index
Brian Raiter's Resources — Cryptography, Reverse Engineering.
Squoze — Mostly old UNIX man pages and docs.
Troff Resources
Spyware Watchdog
Buffer Overflows in C
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Julius Orion Smith III {Index, Publications} — Audio signal processing.
CMU's Introduction to Computer Music
Jonathan Blow: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization — Great speech.

Plan 9

Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Plan 9 Foundation
International Plan 9 Workshop
Plan 9 - The Documents
9front - "9front is an operating system for ladies and gentlemen."
9P Specification
Plan 9 Desktop Guide
UNIX to Plan 9 command translation
C Programming in Plan 9
Rc - A Shell for Plan 9 and UNIX Systems
Plan 9 from User Space — Plan 9 utilities ported to UNIX-like operating systems.
Cinap Lenrek
Stanley Lieber

x86 Assembly

Guide to x86 Assembly - Yale University
Guide to x86 Assembly - Virginia University
x86 Assembly - Shichao's Notes
x86 and amd64 Instruction Reference
x86 Instructions
int 80h — x86 Assembly programming on UNIX.
FreeBSD x86 Programming
Intel® Intrinsics Guide
x86 Assembly - Wikibooks


Grant Searle — Electronics guru.
Ben Eater — Computers from scratch.
Science Hobbyist — Terrible 90s design but interesting pages.
From transistors to gates!


Aurora Fire Rescue Training Branch
Fire Science: Back to Basics
Matt Davis — Fire science.
Hellenic Volunteer Firefighters Association
Fire Rescue Pedia — Firefighting, rescue and safety articles in Greek.


The History of Rome {Index}
The History of Byzantium {Index}
Revolutions Podcast {Index}
Cambridge Medieval History: Feudalism
Secular Byzantine Music
drakegoodman — Rare and high quality photos from Germany in World War I.
Folk Texts
Corporate origins of the United States


The Latin Library
Greek Linguistic PDFs
Language PDFs


Spyro's Calling — A friend from university.
Eilivev — Norwegian friend.
Slem høgnorsk mat — Eiliv's recipe website.
Recetat e Lisës — Albanian cuisine. I cannot read Albanian.


LindyPress — On-demand reprinting of out-of-print classical and medieval books.
JLPCB — PCB Manufacturer.
PedalPCB — PCBs for guitar pedal effects.


Project Gutenberg
Usenet Archives
Fourmilab — Founder of Autodesk Inc.
Eric S. Raymond
Matt Fuller
John DuBois — Electronics, pyrotechnics.
Ray Thomas
Neon John
Dan Luu
Parimal Satyal
On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
Tino Kluge: Fractals
Based Cooking — Git-driven recipe website.
Computer Stupidities
Things People Said
Ukraine Observatory - Brief day-by-day reports from the Russo-Ukrainian war. — Plain text weather.
Text-Based Google Directions
Hyperlinked Text — Links to more simple websites.
Wiby — Search engine for the Classic Web.