NFY(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual NFY(1)

a minimal and daemonless notification program for X

nfy [-d duraton] [-v]

nfy reads input from stdin (only), creates a temporary popup window and displays it. Configuration is done by editing the 'config.h' file in the source code.

It has non-blocking behaviour, meaning that commands coming after it can execute normally without them having to wait for nfy to finish first. This is especially useful inside scripts.

nfy handles multiple notifications by queuing them using a lock file.

Specify the duration of the notification. The default duration value is specified in 'config.h'.
prints version to stdout and exits.

nfy handles only SIGALRM, SIGTERM and SIGINT. It receives a SIGALRM signal by default after the specified duration of the notification.

fcntl(2), alarm(3), signal(3), Xft(3), Xrandr(3)

Christos Margiolis <>